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10 Hurricane Preparation Tips for Homeowners

With hurricane season currently in full effect, over-preparing your home for a hurricane well in advance can only benefit you and your family. Here are some tips to help reassure you, your loved ones, and your home’s safety.


  1. Cover up – If you don’t have hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors, go around your entire house and make sure that you cover up every single window to reduce the chances of anything happening, whether it is wood boards or metal hurricane shutters. Anything is better than nothing. 
  2. Patio furniture – Be sure to bring any outdoor furniture into your home because no matter how heavy it is, if wind can get under it there is a chance that it could get airborne. Your flying furniture could not only damage your home, but your neighbor’s home as well.
  3. Cut screens – If you have a screened-in patio, it is advised that you cut the screens out. Cutting the screens reduces the chance of the wind ripping through and also taking the entire enclosure along with it. It is easier and less expensive to fix a couple of screens rather than the entire screen enclosure. 
  4. Garage – In order to keep your garage doors stationary during the hazardous winds, you should put one or two 2x4’s vertically across the inside of your garage door and back your car up against the door to hold it in place.
  5. In swing doors – For doors that open inward, it is best to put a 2x4 across those doors so the hurricane winds cannot push your doors open and allow debris access into your home, putting you or your family at risk for injury.
  6. Trim trees – According to Solid Waste Authority, once a storm has been named, it is very important to not cut down trees or begin any major yard work or construction. Do, however, have your foliage thinned out so that the winds can pass through freely which decreases the chances of uprooting. 
  7. Fill tub – Filling your first floor bath tub with clean water before the storm hits gives you the capability of flushing your toilet if needed or could be used to bathe if running water is not available. 
  8. Don’t empty pool – It is critical to keep most of the water in your pool as it provides the support to keep the sides and bottom of your pool in place. Also it is just as important to check the drains around the pool and on the deck to make sure that they are not clogged or blocked by any sort of tall grass or dirt.
  9. Protect your boat – You should at least double down the lines and cover the lines at the rough part to reduce the fraying of the rope. Make sure to remove all items that could possibly move around during the storm such as sails, radios, cushions, etc. 
  10. Saferoom – Now when it’s time to actually settle down through the storm, you will want to take shelter in a room that has no windows and try to stay on the ground level of your home. A closet or bathroom is your best option during a hurricane.

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