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Houzz: The Most Productive Past Time for Just About Anyone!

Houzz is a website that allows people to "build" their dream home or get ideas on how to renovate a particular area of their home... in a fun, easy (and addicting!) way. You may not be ready to actually start building a custom home or renovating your current home, but once you are... a lot of time will be saved since you will already know exactly how you want it to look.

Through the use of idea books, which are normally created by room, you can browse through thousands of pictures and pick the styles that you like. When you find a picture of your perfect kitchen, for example, you just add that picture to your "Kitchen" idea book. Trust us; you could probably spend a couple of hours sifting through pictures of just kitchens.

Not only does this website help you to find styles and products that you would love to have in your custom home, but it also helps you to find professionals in your area to make your dreams a reality! Are you looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets? Maybe you are thinking about adding in a pool? Well, Houzz will help you locate home builders or contractors in your area with these specific needs in mind.

You can even ask for advice from the Houzz community. If you like a certain aspect of a room or product in a  picture, you can ask the professional questions about it. Whether it is the paint color, the light fixture, chair, or plant, you can find out exactly what it is with the help of a professional. Even other Houzz users chime in and try to help!

Start building your dream home at www.Houzz.com and while you're there, take a look at Dreamstar's Profile Page!

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