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The 123's of LEDs

Recently, our in house designer, Mary Petron attended an educational and networking event called “Wine & Shine” at Capitol Lighting in Palm Beach Gardens.  Mary was there to learn about the latest technology available with LED lighting when it dawned on her that we all could probably benefit from basic education on LED lighting.

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular for household use.  And why not? They use 85% less energy and last up to 20 years longer than incandescent bulbs.  Sure, they are more expensive, but they dramatically reduce replacement and maintenance costs.  Imagine bringing a new baby home from the hospital and putting a LED bulb in his nursery. That bulb may not need to be replaced until he leaves for college! 

Mary warns that all LED bulbs are not created equal and you should be familiar with "The 123’s of LEDs" before selecting LED lighting for your home:

  1. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) ranges from 0 to 100 with natural light being the best at a score of 100.  This CRI measures a light bulb’s ability to duplicate natural light. How a color looks in natural light versus how the light bulb makes the color appear is how the score is determined. Basic fluorescent lights measure about 50 and most LED’s measure 80+ on this scale. 
  2. Lumens – Lumens measure the amount of light or brightness that is produced by the bulb. Lumens are not the same as watts.  Watts measure the amount of power needed to light the bulb. Energy-efficient bulbs have greater lumens to watts ratio.
  3. Color Temperature - Color temperature is measured in Kelvin. It is a measurement of the degree of warmness or coolness the bulb brings to a room. The lower Kelvin ranges give off a warmer feeling of light. Warmer light is preferred for living spaces. The higher Kelvin ranges give off a cooler feeling of light; this type of light is usually found in workplaces. 

Benefits of LED’s

  • Don’t Contain Mercury
  • Hard to Break
  • Come on Instantly… at Full Brightness
  • Offers More Natural Warm Light
  • Silent – No Annoying Buzzing or Hum
  • Dimmable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Last Longer
  • Save on Electric Bill
  • Save on Maintenance
  • Don't Create Heat or Hotspots

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