We are committed to building 5-star homes and ensuring every person who comes in contact with Dreamstar Custom Homes has a first class experience.
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Lots Of Compliments On My New Home!
"It's wonderful being in my beautiful new home! The interior is so comfortable and the morning and evening views are lovely. I appreciate all the dedicated service and care you have provided during the many phases - design, construction, and post construction. Lots of compliments on my new home!"

- Penny M.
How Wrong I Was... Dreamstar Really Does Exceed Expectations
"When we purchased our home, one of your marketing brochures mentioned that you wanted to "exceed buyer's expectations" Having been in marketing for 25+ years, I took this comment with a few grains of salt. How wrong I was. The philosophy of exceeding customer expectations permeates the entire organization. Brett has set the tone of all of the Dreamstar Family. Chris, Lisa, Wendy and Vickie have demonstrated through actions, not just words, that they want to make the purchase of a Dreamstar Home an enjoyable experience. Thank you for building our new home. Marilyn and I look forward to growing out friendship with the Dreamstar Family over the coming years."

- Marilyn & Harvey W.
A Proven Process Puts Dreamstar A Cut Above The Rest
"I chose Dreamstar as my custom builder because I'm impressed with the smarts of the owner, Brett Handler. His diligence in helping me and other clients of mine, starting with the purchase of vacant land, the architecture and interior design phases shows he is a cut well above the rest. While others would have just wanted to get a shovel in the ground, Brett's insistence on getting the design as perfect as possible so change orders will be kept to an absolute minimum, puts him on the homeowner's side and not in an adversary position that you get with so many builders."

- Cary L.
...Absolutely Astounded... You Delivered
"My clients were absolutely astounded with your professionalism, your quality of workmanship and eye for detail. You delivered them a magnificent home."

- Barry J. Hallett
As Smooth As Possible.. Thanks To Dreamstar Expertise And Advice
"The Dreamstar team completed our house on time and in the most professional manner. Brett was always available to answer all our questions and address our concerns. Because of his expertise and good advice, the whole process went as smoothly as possible."

- Sid & Carol G.
Attention To Detail And Craftsmenship Makes Coming Home A Pleasure
"Dreamstar's attention to the budget got me 20% more home than I expected, but their attention to detail and craftsmanship makes it a pleasure to come home."

- Dr. & Mrs. Ben S.
Could Not Be Happier!
"Our realtor had suggested we meet with Brett Handler, owner of Dreamstar Custom Homes shortly after we selected the land for our dream home. We had toured numerous luxury homes, both custom and portfolio and had been unable to find one that was in-town, on the water, and met all of our wants and needs. Our initial intention was not to build a home; the process seemed daunting, with my practice as a busy surgeon and my wife running a health and wellness website and working on her 4th and most comprehensive diet and health book we felt there would be no time to complete a project of this sort. Nevertheless, we had seen a few of Dreamstar’s homes over the years while touring area homes for sale and open houses and even construction sites and both of us were very impressed with the fit and finish of Brett’s homes. There seemed to be features and flourishes that were more typical of multi-million dollar mansions even when the homes were located in more modest neighborhoods. The homes just looked fresh and new. We met with Brett and he put us at ease with the process. We told him what we were looking for, where we thought the bedrooms should be, how we wanted things to look when we walked in and our special needs like having a home gym and golf course grass. He set us up with his architect and actually brought us to one of his clients’ fully built out homes because it had very similar features to those we were looking for. This made the design process flow very smoothly. Dreamstar worked with our schedules to arrange meetings with supply houses to source marble, granite, appliances, and trim, saving us countless hours. Their on-site decorator had wonderful taste and knew exactly what my wife wanted without wasting her time on ideas that did not interest her. With Dreamstar’s help upgrades were selected in a manner that would bring a ‘wow factor’ while still not busting the budget. We ended up with a truly custom home that would simply not be available if we were working with a mass production builder. We appreciated how so much of the planning had been done up front so that the need for ongoing meetings became less and less as time went on, freeing us up to shop for furniture, window treatments, lighting and the like. We repeatedly received compliments regarding the quality of construction as the home was being built and modifications to the plans were handled promptly. When we said that a particular project was high priority Dreamstar’s project manager made sure it was moved to the top of the list. We feel we have a home that has been designed and constructed in such a way that fifty years from now it will still be up to date and timeless. Overall I could not be happier with the experience. Building a luxury home is not an easy process but I believe we were repeatedly given great advice by the Dreamstar team and we now have a showpiece, signature dwelling that we will enjoy with our friends and family for many years to come. Thank you Brett and a thank you to your entire Dreamstar Custom Homes team."

- Andy & Ivy L.
Dreamstar's Team Of Specialists Were Incredibly Capable And Insightful And Always Steered Us In The Right Direction
"About 10 years ago we were looking to build a larger house to accommodate our growing extended family when they visited Florida. A good friend had just purchased a "spec" house built by Dreamstar and he was thrilled with it. When I visited, I saw why: The design, the materials, the workmanship were all really great. I jokingly offered to buy it furnished on the spot. A couple of days later I received a call from Brett Handler the builder who had heard of my reaction. He told me about a lot that he owned in a different section of The Club at Ibis that had a magnificent view and could have a house like my friend's custom built. That began a long process that brings me to today where my wife and I are mostly sitting out the pandemic hunkered at home. We are amazed at how the beauty and quality of our spacious home and its great lanai and grill area plus the large pool, allow us to spend the days without stress. Building a house from scratch is never easy; there are countless decisions with regard to space allocation, design, style, fixtures of all sorts, flooring, windows, and on and on. However, Dreamstar's team of specialists were incredibly capable and insightful and always steered us in the right direction. The construction supervisor was most often on site to be sure things were done properly and when there was a problem in the field, the folks at Dreamstar attended to it quickly. Given that new construction never goes perfectly smoothly, quick and caring remediation is what you want and that's what we received. My wife and I often comment that buying this lot and having Dreamstar build our home was one of the best decisions we ever made and to this day, there is almost nothing we would change. And on the rare occasion we have a small problem, I still get a quick callback from Brett who graciously guides me to the best resolution. On two or three occasions he even sent one of his team members to check out the situation and take care of it, this after we were living in the house for five years or more. Where do you find that kind of customer service? Thanks, Brett and the entire Dreamstar family."

- Marty Singer
I Just Can't Believe It!
"When I see what you created from just a piece of paper, I just can't believe it!"

- Nancy & Irwin R.
We Truly Love Our New Home
"It has been a pleasure working with you. We truly love our new home."

- Jan & Arnie B.
I Worked With Dreamstar From 3,000 Miles Away! ... I Could Not Be Happier!
"I recently completed a full new home build with Dreamstar Custom Homes. And I worked with them far 3,000 miles away! From my first meeting with Brett, the owner, I felt I was in good hands. From the start of our design process through construction and follow-up, Dreamstar demonstrated their professionalism, expertise, customer service, and true passion for their business. Every Monday, I had a weekly call with their on-site construction manager, Norman, and in-house production coordinator, Rachel. I know what was happening every step of the way and they also sent pictures and videos. The finished home exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with my luxury dream home from Dreamstar!"

- Mary M.
My Dream Home Was Finished First Class
"I hired Dreamstar Custom Homes to build my dream home in Florida. I am a home builder myself in Indiana. I talked to several builders in Palm Beach County and obtained several estimates. After many meetings with all the builders, I decided to contract to build my home with Dreamstar Custom Homes. The owner, Brett Handler, impressed me as a knowledgeable experienced builder. He also, at the time, came up with the best price. My dream home was finished first class."

- Sandor K.
Our New Home Is Simply Fabulous
"We LOVE our Dreamstar home. The attention to detail and the quality of the work can only be matched by the attentiveness and responsiveness for any issue, big or small. Our new home is simply fabulous. Thank you!"

- David Koeppel
Second Dreamstar Home... Unbeatable!
"Brett has just finished his second house for us. He does high quality work, provides creative solutions and takes great pride in being fair and honest. He's actively involved throughout the building process and he doesn't forget about you after you close. The price/value combination of a Dreamstar house is unbeatable!"

- Lisa & Bill B.
We Feel Like We're On Vacation Every Day In Our New Dreamstar Home
"We feel like we're on vacation everyday in our new Dreamstar home. The Dreamstar team did an incredible job working together to deliver us a home that meets all of our needs. Mary helped us personalize the home to reflect our personalities. Rachel effectively coordinated everything from before closing to scheduling contractors to address our 'punch list' items. We appreciate how Brett and Scott continue to reach out to make sure we are happy with our home and quickly address any issue regardless of how minor it may be. We have been impressed by the quality of construction but even more by the efforts of the Dreamstar team to deliver our dream home."

- Karen & Patrick A.
We Had A Great Time Building With Dreamstar
"When we contracted to have Dreamstar build our "dream house", we know we would be happy with the finished product. We had seen many of your fine homes in our neighborhood of Crane's Pointe. What we didn't know was what a great time we would have building a home with you and your team. It really seemed like a joint effort, rather than just a business relationship. We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the choices we were given, right down to the hardware for the French doors. It was a truly pleasant experience and we love our new home. We are even more pleased with the follow up from your whole staff. Even months after our closing our needs are addressed quickly and pleasantly. Thanks for our beautiful new home, the wonderful experience of building it, and for hopefully teaching our neighbors a bit about building 'green'."

- Jeri & Harvey S.
We Purchased Our Dream Home In A Day
"Imagine your dream home created with quality workmanship, elegant decor, sleek designs, a hands on decorator, and a warranty to guarantee craftsmanship. We purchased our dream home in a day, thanks to Brett and Scott Handler, whose visions made it a reality."

- Alan & Nadine J.
You Have The Best Job...To Make People's Dreams Come True!
"Your design team was very helpful in getting the house to have a nice flow. Each room builds upon the last until you are through the entire residence. Your personal attention that you gave was extremely helpful, from the designing of the house to where each electrical socket was to be placed. You always made time to answer all of our questions no matter how simple some of them might have been. You have the best job...to make people's dreams come true! You are very lucky. We appreciate everything you have done for our family!"

- Phyllis & Brian D.
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